Lyft Offers Free E-scooter Trips to Health Workers

American ride-hailing service, Lyft is offering free e-scooter trips to health care workers to combat the spread of the COVID-19

Lyft decided to do this in response to the COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. This offers end on the 30th of April for the first responders, health care workers, and transit workers in Austin, Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Monica, and Washington, DC

Employers like hospitals, clinics, and transit agencies can send an email to Lyft at to get registration information that they can give to their staff.

According to the head of micro-mobility and transit policy at Lyft, Caroline Samponaro said, “Lyft scooters can play a unique role in providing essential transportation to critical workers on the frontlines against COVID-19. In a time of crisis, we know Lyft can be an essential lifeline, and we are proud to serve first-responders, transit, and healthcare providers as they serve the public.”

The company will be disinfecting the surfaces of the scooters once they are ready to be delivered to prevent the virus from spreading. It also recently said that it would be providing free and discounted bike-share passes to essential workers in half a dozen cities. There has however been an increase in cycling in New York City, Philadelphia, and Chicago

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, and the instruction from health officials, the company’s business has dropped. Lyft’s revenue after paying drivers’ salary, it is likely to go down below $150 million (₦55 billion) a month currently, way below the $260 (₦95 billion) a month during the first quarter of last year.

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