Making Music Beats On Microsoft Excel is Now a Thing


Dylan Tallchief, Youtuber and electronic musician has just figured out that music can be made with Microsoft excel! yes! Microsoft Excel from Microsoft Office, after a series of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Excel memes made their way to the internet (social media).

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DAW is a software suite like Ableton or FL Studio used for making music). Tallchief went through this process on Excel by using features and sounds that gave the 90’s vibes and feel from a Japanese sound card company. It’s unusually Unique and wide: Using the transport section with playback controls, a looping function, the ability to solo and mute tracks, and global settings that assign the track’s BPM, legato, swing, and output routing.

This new technique is called “XlStudio”. Using this format, that’s with Microsoft excel, each track has the ability to change sound, instruments, volume and semitone transposing things up and down.

Although this feature is exquisite, it also has its limitations being that it is standalone and you cannot function with any plug-ins. It is just a Standalone DAW.

If you want to try out xlStudio for yourself, download it for free on Google Drive.



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