Where was marijuana tech at CES 2019?


Have you been wondering what happened to Marijuana Tech at the just concluded CES 2019?

Here’s the gist
Marijuana has been gaining gradual global recognition following the legalization of the plant in some U.S States, Canada and Uruguay. However, at the world’s largest Consumer Electronics Show (CES), marijuana tech companies are grumbling about how difficult it was to participate at CES 2019 because organizers will not allow them to exhibit.

Jeff Brown, Vice President, Public Policy and Communications at PAX Labs, an electronic vaporizer company said;

Apparently they’re not comfortable with cannabis. It’s odd and mildly frustrating. Nevada is a medical and recreational [consumption] legal state, and there’s certainly no shortage of alcohol being served at CES. There are concessions everywhere. To draw the line at a technology company demoing cannabis is odd and frustrating.

After marijuana was legalised for medical use or adult recreational use in some countries, the plant’s legal industry is set to generate $75 billion in the U.S. by 2030 – little wonder why presidential aspirant Omoyele Sowore vowed that Nigeria will become a major exporter of marijuana when he becomes president.

Roger Volodarsky, founder of portable vaporizer company, Puffco, (one of the marijuana companies that was forced to exhibit off-site at CES, against the will of the organizers) said;

This movement has too much momentum to be stopped now. CES has the opportunity to lead the stage for innovation in our field. Not doing so just gives the opportunity to someone else to capitalize on all the interest in the cannabis space.

Hopefully, next year attendees and marijuana tech enthusiasts will not be limited to puffing only outside the convention site.

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