Are you in the market for a new phone? These five tips will guide you

smartphone buying tips
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When it comes to shopping for a new smartphone, the process can either be extremely stressful or exciting because there are so many different models and carriers to choose from. Buying new smartphones has become a part of life hence it is a very important task that needs to be done rightly.

As years rolled by, it is no longer news that most of us have become fans of new gadgets, ranging from cutting-edge TV sets to headline-grabbing smartphones; but when buying, the lust for shiny hardware should not overwhelm our common sense because there’s more to every purchase than a product name and a bottom line price. Though, potential buyers can learn a lot about the newest phones by reading reviews, there are some traps that often go unnoticed hence allowing people still make mistakes. Below are five tips to avoid mistakes people make when purchasing a new smartphone that often leads to wasted money and terrible regrets.

Identify Your Needs

Shopping for a phone without knowing what is needed is sort of like going to the supermarket without looking through the cupboards or making a list. If you’re in the market for a new mobile, then you should have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. You don’t need to be especially spec savvy but you should have an idea of what’s important to you. It could be screen size, battery life, camera specs or even the internal storage. It’ll be very frustrating to shell out hundreds of naira on a cool looking phone only to find out that it doesn’t have the battery power that suits you. So by first making a list of what your priorities are, shopping will be easier.

Compare Prices

Most people forget that prices vary from retailer to retailer and tend to buy from the first shop they visit without comparing prices. Listen up, a phone is a pricey piece of equipment, why then should the first model seen be bought?

Yes, prices can be fairly similar for high-end phones and sometimes not, it is advisable to take a little time to go through the reputable sellers and see if there’s a better deal. Getting a new phone is pretty cool, but getting the right phone at the right price is even cooler.

Brand Loyalty Doesn’t Matter

We all know the big hitters in the mobile market but sticking only to them means spending a lot more. Some people are lifelong users of a specific brand however, there might be better mobile devices offering more features and a relatively better value for money. Apart from that, the brand where your loyalty lies might undergo some setbacks and product failures over time so it is better to keep the options open, do a thorough research so make a rational, logical, unbiased and smart decision related to a smartphone purchase.  At the end of the day, it’s not the brand name that matters but buying the right phone at the right price.

Learn To Overlook the Old Models

Why spend more on a phone that was released last month as opposed to eleven months ago?

Most potential buyers tend to ignore older models and that’s definitely a common mistake made when selecting a smartphone. Going for an older model does not mean the newer models are better but rather means one can save hundreds of naira and still get a great phone. Though, buying a model that’s more than around 2 years old is not ideal because manufacturers stop offering updates at some point, anything within that two year period is fair.

Spend Within a Budget

One of the biggest mistakes that consumers make when getting a new smartphone is spending too much money. Varying in prices, there are mobile phones available for every budget but still we tend to get sucked into paying far more than we can really afford. Though setting up a budget is not the easiest thing to do, there is a huge advantage because it helps one limit the choices one has to make. So before even thinking about a device, make sure to set your budget according to your pockets.

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Mohammed Gauza
Mohammed Gauza
1 year ago

That’s very good advice, may God bless you

Emeka Ahanonu
Emeka Ahanonu
1 year ago

I love this