Massimiliano Spalazzi Has Been Appointed New Jumia Nigeria CEO


    Africa e-commerce giant, Jumia Group has officially announced Massimiliano Spalazzi as the new CEO for Jumia Nigeria in the latest development

    The information which has quickly circulated all over the internet was revealed or better still, announced by the company’s Group co-CEO and co-founder, Jeremy Hodara while sharing the company’s vision for 2020 at a press conference. According to him, a new CEO, in the person of Massimiliano Spalazzi¬†will now head the operation of Jumia Nigeria inline with the company’s vision for the new year.

    While this is happening pretty quickly, it is following the several closure activity that took place towards the end of 2019, where the likes of Rwanda and Tanzania among other countries were forced to shut down as part of the company’s plan to cut operational cost in certain market to rather focus in major markets including Nigeria.

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    Massimiliano Spalazzi  speaking at MWA2014

    As for the new CEO for Jumia Nigeria, it was also revealed that Splazzi will still retain a pre-existing role as Executive Vice President for Jumia Group. Apparently, he has joined the company as the head of its online marketplace ( as far back as 2012. About 3 years after, he was appointed as the CEO for emerging countries, until now that he is being appointed as the regional CEO for Jumia Nigeria.

    While the promotion is expected to ripple throughout the company’s chain of command, the Group co-CEO attributes the possibility to the growth of the company which is a responsible factor in this instance. Hondara further envisaged a profitable 2020, while hoping for significant growth for the company during the same period.

    Not to forget the existing presence of the former Jumia Nigeria CEO, Juliet Anammah; Hondara informed that she will remain a part of the Nigerian operation, however, as chairwoman of Jumia Nigeria and the Head of institutional affairs across Africa.

    Speaking on the new development, Juliet told me that she will play an active role alongside Spalazzi to enable smooth operation in the region.

    Also, Spalazzi shared a glimpse of the company’s year vision for Nigeria, and one of them is to ensure the affordability of goods to its growing customer base while ensuring a faster delivery system with its Jumia X-press. Additionally, he revealed plans to perfect its delivery of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) and essential commodities, among other highlights.

    Given that the company has had to face a lot of controversies in the last few months, it is expected that the new structural changes will contribute significantly to the growth of the company during this year.



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