’s Keke Service Finally Goes Live In Lagos Nigeria’s first bike hailing service has introduced a new module of operation, which is what appears to be a keke service in Lagos.

This is coming at a time when Opay introduced the OTrike system in the north and in the East and also a Bus hailing service in Lagos.

In what looks like an announcement on Microsite Twitter, the brand has made it known in a subtle way, although the announcement is yet to gather as much momentum as you would expect at the moment.

Well, there could be a lot of turns to the story at the moment, but it is best to leave the cheque blank as the company is yet to make any full statement, although it looks like the brand is a rush to hail the spread of OPay into the Tricycle Market in the State.

However, the big question would be how the module of operation would be constructed with the consideration of local drivers who have been affected by the flooded market of bikers at the moment.


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