Maxokada Teases The Introduction Of Electric Bikes Ahead Of 2020

Nigeria on-demand motorbike and delivery service revealed plans to introduce a new set of electric bikes alongside a financial service by 2020

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A representative of Maxokada, during a session at a recent mobility townhall meeting hosted by Tech Cabal, reveals the company’s plans for the nearest future. Mr. Chinedu Azodo who is the company’s co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, during the session told that the company wants to introduce a new set of electric motorbikes.

Azodo, who made the statement as a revalidation, recalled that the company first announced about MAX’s electric pursuits sometimes in June, around the same time it secured a $7 million funding round. According to Azodo, the new pursuit by the company is still in the pilot phase, and on that note, they have been working with grid operators across Nigeria to commence the installation of charging stations.

While the plan is long due, Azodo told that the delay is mainly due to the ongoing preparations, emphasizing on the need to figure out the new EV system will work in this part of the world where such innovation is yet to debut at all. Also, in order to ensure that the project is well executed, Azodo informed that the company recently hired a new executive who will be in charge of its E-bike plan.

Talking about the need for the installation of infrastructures that will aid the plan. Azodo explains that unlike traditional gasoline bikes, the e-bikes will require several power-station across the city of Lagos where bikers can take the bikes for a recharge, as against filling stations which is more costly.

In his exact words to a tech cabal representative, “The charging stations and other infrastructure will be in place”, “[and] it would effectively be cheaper for the driver to make movements with electric models than it is to run on gas”.

Speaking on at the event, Azodo further explained how the eco-friendly bikes will benefit not just the company but the riders and the community at large. “you won’t have the pollution, [and] reduces incidences like asthma attacks.” he said.

That been said, it is interesting to also know that this will be the first time a ride-hailing company is sharing plans to go electrical in Nigeria, and if achieved, will be the dawn of a new era for both the community of ride-hailing services and the state as a whole.

Meanwhile, the company also has plans to venture into other sectors, with fintech being the closest to achieve. Mr. Azodo told the audience at Tech Cabal townhall that Maxokada will also provide its customers with other services with the inclusion of financial services. According to Mr. Azodo, the financial service is also under construction, and they are taking their time to ensure that it is perfectly put together.


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