Meet Mongee, the Ice Age Banana with edible skin

ice age banana

Food technology has constantly been improving over a period of time and this has pointed towards the direction of making life easier for consumers. There have been really fascinating developments most especially in the world of fruits and vegetables that will leave you stunned.

For instance, you do not have rush your apple after your first bite, because there is now a non-browning specie which awesomely remains as it is after it has been exposed to air. Also, the most dreadful part of slicing onions has been sorted out, because there is now a non-tearing onion (sorry to all those people who want to fake tears with onion, your scheme has been destroyed).

The latest of these development is Mongee a special specie of banana that can be completely eaten with its peel. The name is pronounced as Mon-gay. Mongees are grown in Japan, and are a totally consumable specie different from the regular banana you see every day in fruit stores. Here are three things you should know about this banana.


These bananas are grown in a freezing temperature of minus 76 degrees Fahrenheit which is totally different from the 80 degrees Fahrenheit of normal bananas. This process is called the freeze thaw awakening method which makes this banana specie grow really fast, with tender peels similar to soft-pore vegetables like: cabbage and lettuce. The process of thaw awakening also means that food will be available in the market earlier than the ordinary banana specie. Mongees are ready for consumption after four months as against the time frame of two years it takes to plant an ordinary specie.


Mongee are said to be sweeter than normal bananas, with nearly five more grams of sugar per fruit. Considering the taste of having to eat its peel, Mongees are said to have really appealing taste, believed to be more appealing than Pineapples. Consumers are assured of a very pleasant treat with these bananas as their peels are said to add up to its sweetness.

Cost and Availability

These bananas grown by D&T Farm, an agricultural Research company are not easily found in the market, because there are only 10 of the rare sweet banana treat up for sale each week at an expensive rate of $5.70 (#2,063.4). For now, the Mongee, our ice age banana is not very available in the market and they are not affordable.


What do you think about Mongees? Can you buy them if they were cheaper and were in the Nigerian market? Leave your views in the comment section.

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