Meet The Google Assistant’s ‘Interpreter Mode’ That Translates Conversations


For countries who do not understand various languages, Google Assistant has now provided us with ‘Interpreter mode’

The feature according to the company, the feature can translate conversations into various languages. The feature is now available on Android and iOS phones.

To try out the app, you can simply say anything, like asking it to be the translator of any language, which it will do within a wink of an eye. The translations are displayed on the screen and read out loud.

A few Smart Replies will be provided by Google below the translation to help you flow with the conversation. You can also make use of the Keyboard if you’re in a quiet environment.

The app which was previously available on Google Home Nest devices is rolling out today and it works across 44 languages If you are interested in the app, all you need to do is to download the Google Assistant app and off you go!

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