Watch how this mouse also functions as a computer


Yes! you heard me right, a counter-traditional mouse that can also do the work of a real-time computer; maybe not all, who knows?

It is hard to believe what technology is gradually evolving into; Beyond tradition, some old tech devices have successfully adopted additional features that makes them extremely  multi-functional.

Mice have come a on way since the era of the two button, and it has grown over the time with barely little or no modification at all. Some of the recognize evolutionary feature in the mice includes, scroll button, Bluetooth feature and some graphical features in the likes of Oraimo products, which are vastly used by graphics designers. Now Genre-specific, high-tech models are all the rage these days, but a YouTube channel has created one that’s never been seen before: a mouse that’s also a functioning portable computer. Surprising right? I guess yes, considering that such type of device will be the first of its kind.

A video has just surfaced on YouTube, and it explains how a mouse that consists of a 3D-printed outer shell containing a 500 mAh battery, a retractable Bluetooth keyboard, and a Raspberry Pi Zero W. There are also several components, including the sensor and motherboard, taken from a regular desktop mouse. Furthermore the mouse even features an attached 128 x 128 inch-and-a-half OLED screen, which boasts 16-bit color and very high contrast, according to the maker. “Even though the screen is attached to the mouse, the sensitivity of the mouse makes it not that hard to follow along with what is happening on the screen,” The brand behind the product, Electronic Grenade said.

The Raspberry Pi’s 1GHz, single-core CPU and 512MB of RAM means it’s not going to break any benchmark records. It can play Minecraft, but stretching the Pi’s resources causes the game to freeze after around 15 seconds. Looking at the mini device, it looks like it is going to pose some little difficulty like typing on the keyboard that very tiny for the device. For instance, you probably will press to keys in an attempt to press just one. Also, the mouse looks too bogus for its nature, as it packs a lot of hardware that may be too much for a small body. For me, it’s certainly not very practical to use, but the project is still impressive and shows just what’s possible when combining a Raspberry Pi with some imagination.

Check the YouTube video below

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