Microsoft Edge will soon make its way to macOS


When it comes to browsers, Microsoft has made a lot of headway in that area with the launch of their Edge browser that was bundled with Windows 10. It represented huge changes from Internet Explorer and overall, it feels like quite a worthy successor. Perhaps the stigma of Internet Explorer is still too strong because Edge isn’t quite as adopted as Microsoft would like.

However, it seems that Microsoft is hoping to expand its Edge user base as the company has confirmed in a blog post that they will be bringing Edge to macOS computers in the near future. According to Microsoft,

If you’re not on Windows 10, don’t worry―we’re looking forward to sharing builds for macOS and previous versions of Windows soon.

The company does not mention when the browser will be released for macOS, but if you aren’t a fan of Safari and don’t want to use Chrome, Edge could be an alternative worth checking out. At the moment, the Edge browser is available on Apple’s other platforms, such as iOS, where it was released back in 2017.

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