Microsoft joins the US-China Trade war, removes Huawei PCs from store


Huawei isn’t having it funny any longer as the company gets another suspension from Microsoft

The US-China Trade war saga will be forever remembered in the history of technology, and while Huawei takes the biggest blow yet, it keeps receiving hits from all sides. As funny as this may sound, it is about to be the biggest setback for Huawei who unfortunately serves as a scapegoat for other Chines companies.

The Chinese tech giant, while been targeted in its mobile division, may now have a second worry, this time around about its PC division. In the latest announcement, Microsoft, an American company, has just removed Huawei laptops from its store. At that, it appears that more companies including Microsoft are complying with the ban that prohibits them from doing business with Huawei.

The latest development from Microsoft will put an end to the sales of Huawei MateBook X Pro on its online storefront, and Arm Holdings, whose designs feature in 95 percent of the world’s smartphones. Also, it will be an addition to the previous ban that the Chines phone maker has already received with Google leading the forefront.

While Microsoft has refused to confirm or deny if it will stop Huawei from obtaining Windows licenses, the situation isn’t looking good for the Chinese giant. Also, While it has been working on Windows and Android replacement operating systems, it’s unclear how far along these are and how much consumers would be willing to use them.

For now, there is a possibility that more American company will soon let lose ties with the Huawei brand, it is only a matter of time to hear more news about Huawei’s suspension from other brands. Hopefully, things get better before then.

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