Microsoft Launches AI App That Can Solve Complex Maths Problem

Microsoft launches AI that can solve complex maths problems if you are stranded on the equation

Mathematics is seen as the most feared subject as one of the considered to be one of the hardest by students. Most student always wishes the subject was canceled as it is prerequisite for admission to any tertiary levels in the country. Unfortunately, the majority do not get a favorable mark in the subject, hence rejected for admission.

There are times when the use of mathematical sets come handy for calculation, the question is if you do not know the process or formula of the particular question, how do you solve it?

To help out, Microsoft launched a new app called the ‘Microsoft Math Solver‘ to solve complicated and complex maths problems. You do not need to input the problem into the app, all you need to do is to scan the handwritten equations and have it computed.

The app relies solely on AI (Artificial Intelligence) to solve the equation, once it stops working, the problem will not be able to be solved. You can switch to other alternatives if you like, such as is asking google or bing for help, This will only show you some how-to videos

You can download the app on your iOS and Android devices if you find the description appeals to you.

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