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Microsoft teases an unknown ‘Windows 1.0’ To Keep Everyone Speculating

Microsoft can be sometimes funny especially when it comes to unveiling a new product

The tech giant is known for its timely product update, however, it seems like the company is up to something different this time around, as a recent publication suggests otherwise. Yesterday the Windows team dropped a sizzler video on Twitter, announcing the “all-new” Windows 1.0. It posted the same video over on its Instagram account, but only after it had wiped every single other post from its page.

While the video is not totally strange as the name of the upcoming product, it winds back through the catalog of Windows logos, before eventually settling on the Windows 1.0 design, which is now being used across all of its social channels. You may also like to as the question of “is Microsoft going back in time?”

Windows has been particularly swaying away from the demand of many followers who seems very inquisitive on the matter. Instead, the tech giant has been telling them only to “Stay tuned” and “Wait for updates!”

Windows 1.0 was released sometimes in November 1985, and seeing the company go hay on it at this particular time could translate to mean different things, including a throwback feature as many suppose it will be. According to other speculation, this might have a tie-in with the forthcoming season of Stranger Things. Others suggest it’s just Windows’ attempt at being wacky. Watch this space.

What kind of Prank do you think the company is actually playing with its many followers? Please share your opinion in the comments Below.

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