Microsoft to end support for Windows 10 mobility by December


Microsoft has been in the business of calling off supports for some devices for a while now, and it seem Windows 10 mobility will be off the support list in just a matter of months

Just a while ago, Microsoft announced of calling off its support for Windows 7 in the next 12 months, and just most recently, the company is announcing of ending its support of several years for Windows 10 mobility as well. While we can’t tell if this is the best choice for the mobile brand at the moment, it seem to be an important decision to make by the company.

Microsoft revealed in 2016 that its mobile OS wouldn’t be a priority that year and in late 2017, executives reiterated that stance. Since that time, the company has only committed to releasing security updates and bug fixes. Soon, those will be coming to an end as well and Windows 10 Mobile will officially be laid to rest.

In a recent post in one of the life cycle FAQ, Microsoft made it clear that it will be calling off its support  for all Windows 10 Mobile products including Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise on December 10, 2019.  In that case, third parties or paid support programs may provide ongoing support, we’re told, but these won’t be publicly provided updates.

While this is not the first time Microsoft is taking such an important decision, the tech giant also called off its support for Windows Phone 8.1 on July 11, 2017. The latest release of Windows 10 Mobile, version 1709, launched in October 2017 for most phones. Lumia 640 and 640 XL phones, however, were only supported through version 1703 and will see support ended on June 11, 2019,as told.

Does it mean Microsoft wants to attempt restructuring its system of production? I think its basically more of restructuring than just quitting. Anyways, if you are using any of the device listed above; you still have up to 10 month grace to make maximum use of your devices.

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