Microsoft To Welcome Former Siri Chief At Its AI Division


After working with Apple Siri’s division for over a decade, Bill Stasior is finally leaving the Cupertino-based tech giant to join the Microsoft team

Being the head of Apple Siri’s division for several years is not going to be a setback for Bill Stasior who thinks there is a need to leave the company to venture into similar business elsewhere. The former Siri Chief although has left Apple since May is reportedly on his way to Microsft, and by that, he is expected to join the Artificial Intelligence (AI) division at his yet-to-be new working place.

While he left Apple as the Chief of Siri division, he will now be assigned to Chief Technology Officer Kevin Scott at the Microsoft AI division. For now, there is no word on the particular role he will be holding, however, several sources are suggesting that he may be appointed as deputy to Kevin Scott.

In another report, Stasiors departure from Apple may have been prompted after the company poached John Giannadrea from Google, where he was a former head of search and AI. That action, in a way, has reshaped the way Apple works on AI, and while it may not be stated, this may have been the reason the former head of Siri had to leave the company, however, that’s only a thought, as Bill never said he left for such reasons.

Well, Bill’s departure from Apple is not totally bad after all, considering that he is joining another big team in the AI business- Microsoft, which despite a robust research division, has also lagged far behind the likes of Amazon and Google with respect to consumer AI projects.

Also, on the contrary to many’s thought, Stasior may likely not be working on Cortana, Microsoft’s own fledging voice assistant that has been struggling for a while now- recently, it is vastly been ignored, and in some cases removed from products. While this is not o much of a concern for the software company which part of its new vision (for Cortana) is to make its voice assistant more business-oriented and conversational, apparently. As for Bill Stasior, he’ll reportedly be leading up an AI group, although it’s not clear what exactly he’ll be working on. Hopefully, we will get to find out towards the end of this month when he intends to join his new team.



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