Microsoft Unveils New Video Game Console Device Called Xbox Series X


Microsoft has unveiled a new next-generation video game console device called Xbox Series X coming next year

The name for the device was unveiled in an exclusive interview with CNET. It also discussed the new design for the device. According to the tech giant, the new name reflects the many ways you could possibly play an Xbox.

Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer speaking in an interview said, “We wanted to design a console where the form was driven by the function.”

According to the company, the new Xbox will roll out during the holiday shopping season next year. To make the consoles more appealing. To make their computer device more appealing, the tech giant is allowing people to play the game over the internet which is similar to streaming Netflix movies and shows today.

Microsoft has chosen a relatively simple design for its next Xbox. The device could be compared to a smart speaker or a vase when it is seen. The console bears an Xbox logo, a slot for discs and little else.

According to Spencer, the design is aimed at making the console disappear into your entertainment center. Microsoft said it’ll discuss more the console at the E3 2020 video game conference next June.

However, Microsoft has not given details about the price when it is finally launched.

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