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Thursday, February 20, 2020
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Microsoft Wants To Withdraw The ‘Online’ Name Attached To Its Web Apps


Microsoft has a lot of overhauling ongoing, and you may soon notice the same with the naming of various products, especially the web apps

The next time you log in to some of Microsoft’s web app that usually has ‘Online’ attached to it, then you may notice a difference with the new namings that now omits the word from the web versions of Microsoft’s Office applications.

Now, starting any moment soon, Microsoft is dropping the “Online” branding of its Office Online Suite so that it can now be referred to as just Office. In respect to the company’s decision, products like “Word Online” and “PowerPoint Online” will now simply be “Word” and “PowerPoint.” The same goes for the rest of Microsoft’s line of Office apps.

That been said, it normal to ask the reason for such action, however, if properly considered, ditching “Online” as a naming convention makes sense. Apart from the fact that it portrays a web-presence, it goes without saying if you are accessing the app through the web that you are using the “online” version of it.

On the other hand, there might be a few confusion that may come along with the new development as it will be hard to tell the difference between its desktop, mobile, and web apps. On that note, the company further reiterated that it will still make use of the phrase “Office for the web” to clarify the platform, which is kind of what the “Online” moniker did for them already.

In addition, other Microsoft products will be hanging onto it, while the popular Office apps including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are shaking the “Online” descriptor. However, the companies may still keep the conventional naming ‘Online’ for some other product such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Project Online, and Office Online Server.

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