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Microsoft webmail expose users’ email details after breach

Microsoft webmail, Outlook has just been breached and as a result, some users’ email details is at stake

If you are running an Outlook account, then you may want to watchout for suspicious activity, and this  may specifically have to do with the email addresses as well as subject headlines.

The company has confirmed to a reliable source that “cybercriminals” compromised a “limited number” of its web-based email accounts between January 1st and March 28th by using a customer support rep’s credentials.

Accirding to the source, the breach didn’t expose sign-in details or message contents, but it did offer access to email addresses (including names of addresses in conversations), subject lines and custom folder names.

In the meanwhile, there is yet to be a fixed number for the number of people who are affected as the count is still ongoing, also base on we cann’t tell specifically the location where users are massively affected. Some of them were likely in the European Union, though, as Microsoft is offering contact info for its data protection officer. Enterprise customers also weren’t involved. The tech firm’s email offerings include everything from modern Outlook.com accounts through to legacy Hotmail and MSN addresses.

This is unlikely to be as far-reaching as the breach that touched on more than 772 million email addresses, but it’s still a substantial violation of privacy. The attackers could theoretically use this not just for spam, but to piece together details of users’ personal lives and rely on that for fraud and identity theft.

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