Microsoft’s New Keyboard Has A Dedicated Office And Emoji Key

Months after experimenting the new idea, Microsoft is finally rolling out a dedicated Office and Emoji Key for its latest keyboards

The software giant, back in June published a survey that suggested that the company would replace the second Windows key on the right side of its keyboards with a dedicated office key. Now, as part of its accomplishment so far on that note, the plan is currently seen executed through its new Ergonomic and slim Bluetooth Keyboards.

With the latest development for Microsoft keyboards, users can easily transcend to the respective offices or perhaps make use of emojis that have now become an official thing even in a more corporate enviroment. To make use of the additional features, users simply have to press on the respective keys and follow up on the next instructions, or probably use it as a shortcut- hitting the Office key along with O, T, W, X, P, D, N, Y, and L will launch Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc respectively.

As for the Emoji key, there is no shortcut routine as that of the Office, however, users can press on the key, which in return opens an emoji picker inside of Windows 10- there you will be able to select your favorite emojis.

That been said, whether the new inclussion for Microsoft keyboards will extend to other keyboard manufacturer is still unclear, although, giving that the company has a licensing agreement in place for the use of the Windows key to ensure product uniformity- there is a chance of seeing suchextenssion take place.

As for the availability, Microsoft will reportedly make the keyboard available starting from October 15, and it will be priced at $59.99, while the smaller Bluetooth keyboard (Bluetooth 5.0 support and up to 3 years battery life) is priced at $49.99.


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