Microsoft’s New Windows 10 Start Menu Surfaces In New Leak


Microsoft seems to have been secretly working on a new Start Menu for Windows 10, as an accidental leak suggest an entirely different interface for the menu tray

According to The Verge, the tech giant had mistakenly released a new version of Windows 10 that is supposedly meant for internal testers only, and it reveals newly redesigned start menu tray, the most distinctive feature in the new update.

The accidentally distributed windows 10 build carries the code number ‘18947’, and it is meant for internal Xbox development, specifically for Windows Insider testers using 32-bit devices. However, Microsoft carelessly released the update for all windows 10 testers which also cut across users that are not on the internal test program.

While it would have been a major error for the company assuming it went out on all devices using Windows 10, it was only released to 32-bit systems, which aren’t widely in use, however, it’s an embarrassing mistake for Microsoft’s Windows 10 testing efforts.

Talking about the internal new build, the update appears to have a redesigned start menu that looks pretty much in the early stage, and interestingly, it dropped the Microsoft’s Live Tiles, one of the important feature in the previous update.

For now, it’s not clear whether the company will be finally dropping the Live Tiles even when the update fully rolls out or not, however, it is only a matter of time before we find out what exactly the plan is. In addition, the leaked Windows 10 build also reveals a GIF search tool within the emoji picker for Windows 10.

Also, this is not surprising, especially coming from Microsoft who is found of similar mistakes, especially one that has to do with an accidental release of internal updates. Previously, the company made similar error sometimes in 2017 the company released an internal version of Windows 10 for PC and mobile and caused some devices to enter a reboot loop. Well, it is only a matter of time before this particular error also passes by like every other one.

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