Motor Show 2019: Volkswagen’s Dune Buggy concept mirrors a cartoon car

Motor Show 2019 is yet to kick off, however as expected, various automobile brands have started showcasing their brilliant innovations

Have you ever been to a Motor Show before? It is one of the coolest events to attend, offering you the privilege to meet a lot of incubator project, and what is next to come in the auto industry. Trust me when I say you would be left in awe at the sight of some incredible innovations. For people like me who finds happiness in the automobile, mere looking at a lineup of great four-wheeled vehicles will give you goosebumps.

While we are still hours away from the kick-off day for the event that will be held in Palexpo Geneva, brands like Honda, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen among several others have started teasing the internet with a taste of what they have been cooking up over the time, and so far one of the few cars that stole my attention is Volkswagen’s Dune Buggy concept, a prototype that looks like a cartoon, well in my own opinion. It looks like one of those kinds of cars that we wanted back in our childhood days because it is what appeals to us, but what about now that we are grown-ups, maybe we can still enjoy some of those fantasies that we use to crave for.

If you take a look at the Buggy concept properly, you do say it doesn’t make a lot of sense, talking about the plane designs and almost shapeless look. However, I like it in a mysterious way that I can’t even explain. I mean the Buggy is beautiful in its own way and the fact that it is one of those EVs that promotes green nature.

As I said, the ID Buggy concept joins the increasingly crowded ID EV lineup built upon the automaker’s MEB platform. “It’s a very versatile platform,” Diess said. The modular system allows Volkswagen to build multiple size vehicles with varying battery pack sizes. Unlike the rest of the ID lineup, the Beach Buggy will probably never make it into production.

I also perceive that the Buggy will be driven by the rear wheel which is supposed to look like the original Meyers Manx Buggy. Diess said that they wanted to build something that’s emotional and the Dune Buggy fit that goal. How many of these could VW sell is anyone’s guess? And while it’s unlikely, it will make it into garages. We can dream that Volkswagen decides to throw caution to the wind and drops these into showrooms. Because if that happens and you buy one, when you pull into the office, expect to spend your lunch break giving everyone a ride. That’s a fact.

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