MTN and NLC who is playing the chase, and who is been chased? Questions both parties should answer

Xenophobic reprisal nigeria

The Nigerian Labour Congress has been reported to have stormed telecommunication giant MTN’s offices across Nigeria over the treatment of Nigerian staff in terms of monetary compensation when compared to that of foreign.

An undisclosed source told the team that NLC came today for the lockdown demanding that Nigerian staff of the brand be given a better share of voice and an upgraded pay in terms of monthly take home.

The demands are clear, for the Labour Congress it is demanding that MTN should also stop the trend of causal worker.

A protest, which was held in most major cities of the country had different reactions from different State leaders championing the cause of the Nigerian MTN staff.

In Bauchi, Comrade Hashimu Gital, Chairman, NLC who led the protest commented that

We need to tell them that they need to respect the laws of the country; they need to also respect our own labour laws, but most importantly, they must respect human and trade union rights.

Also in Enugu Mr. Virginus Nwobodo led the protest demanding for a better life for employees of the brand, stating that Nigerians deserve to be treated better than slaves.

However, MTN has tossed the other side of the argument, the company in a press release stated that

We do not prevent our employees from associating amongst themselves as they deem fit and we owe our employees the obligation to ensure that they are not compelled to join associations. MTN supports the freedom of association as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution.

The brand also further stressed that the attack by the Labour Congress on its facilities was not necessary adding that

All our workers have rights that should be protected. We work hard to not only ensure that this is done but also ensure that our company is a great place to work

Now, it becomes a case of who answers the question? Are we really not sure that this is a witch hunt? MTN has been in the country for 17 years and it has just suddenly become the topic that Nigerian Staff have been exploited, who is playing the chase and who is been chased?

These are questions I feel both parties should answer.

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