MTN to Launch a 5G Network in South Africa at the End of June

Network provider, MTN said it is planning to launch a 5G network in South Africa at the end of June

The 5G network was supposed to be launched at the beginning of the month, but due to some delay as regards its equipment, it was postponed to the end of the month. According to the news report, it is running a promotion for 5G connectivity using Huawei’s recently launched line of P40 smartphones.

The company did not state how it is going to be offering the 5G network. Prior to this time, only two networks, Vodacom and rain would have been able to offer 5G services, in which they have been able to achieve by working around government regulations.

Vodacom recently announced a deal with Liquid Telecom to use their 5G network, while Rain is repurposing the parts of the spectrum formerly used by iBurst after they bought parent company WBS.

Vodacom is also using the emergency spectrum allocated by the government to provide 5G services.

In April, the South African government allowed access to some of the radio frequency spectrum best suited to 5G on an emergency basis which is aimed at providing aid during the national lockdown.

The allocation is to help the operators cope with demand, thereby letting them have access till November or end of the state emergency.

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