Netflix for iOS updated with improved media controls

Netflix for iOS works just fine because it does pretty much what it says it will do. However, for those who enjoy brushing through their TV shows and movies, the Netflix app falls short here because it certainly leaves a lot behind, especially when compared to the version that can be found on smart TVs.

However, the good news for the app’s users on iOS is that the app has been updated to offer better media controls. One of those changes is a feature that YouTube users are already familiar with – users can now double tap on the left or right side of the screen to fast forward or rewind a few seconds.

Prior to this, the iOS version of the app had a rewind button that jumped back 10 seconds, but there was no option to jump forward, which meant users had to use their fingers to drag the progress bar. In addition to the ability to fast forward and rewind, the update has also introduced larger play/pause buttons, along with labels to allow users to quickly enable subtitles and select new episodes.

The update should already be live and will bump your version of Netflix up to v11.12.0, so head on over to the App Store to get the update if you haven’t done so already.

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Aladenika Toluwalope Joseph
Aladenika Toluwalope Joseph
1 year ago

Nice but android should not be left out