Netflix Now Makes it Easier for People to Remove Titles From their “Continue Watching” Row

Netflix has launched a new feature called “remove from row” which is now making it easier for people to remove titles from their “Continue Watching” row

When you start browsing for a new movie or TV show to watch on Netflix and you become uninterested 10 or 20 minutes, you can clear it via the new “remove from row” feature. This is to make people have more control over their Netflix homepage. The “Continue watching” row is one of the most prominent, appearing at the top of the homepage. This makes it easy for you to go back into a TV show or movie that you are watching.

Before now, if you are no longer interested in watching a movie or TV show, you will notice that the title does not seem to go away. It eventually gets kicked underneath. But now, you can remove the movie or TV show by clicking the title in the row.

Here is an example:

In other news, Netflix is making it easier to access episodes, information, and ratings by adding them directly into the menu when people tap on a title. The “remove from row”, is now available to Android mobile users on both phone and tablet devices. For iOS users, the feature will roll out to them on June 29th.

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