Netflix Rolls Out Feature To Highlight What People Watch The Most

Streaming Service, Netflix rolls out top 10 feature which will show what people are really watching

This was announced by the company who said that the feature will share the 10 topmost movies and TV shows with users. According to the news report, it will help users cope with various confused Netflix content.

According to the report, the list will be updated daily so that it can reveal what movie is popular in your country. The positions will differ depending on how relevant the show is to you.

The subscribers will also have access to the individual list for TV shows and movies when clicking the respective tags.

According to the Director of product innovation for Netflix, Cameron Johnson, “Shows and films that make these lists will also have a special “Top 10” badge, wherever they appear on Netflix. That way you can easily see what’s in the zeitgeist, whether you’re browsing by genre or through your personal list – or when searching for specific shows or films.”

The list will quickly allow users to find what they want to watch, instead of going over the Netflix endless sea of content. The feature has been tested in Mexico and the UK which subscribers in the country find useful.

Netflix has historically made its viewership numbers its topmost priority, something that the film and TV industry sees as a threat. The new top 10 lists represent another step towards transparency.

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