Netflix’s “Smart Download” feature finally arrives on iOS


The Netflix smart downloads feature was launched for the Android version of its mobile app last year. The feature enables the app to automatically delete downloaded episodes that the user has already watched and replace them with the next episode of that show when they’re connected to Wi-Fi. This feature allowed users to maximize storage space on their device while ensuring that they had the latest episodes of their favourite shows always available for offline viewing. Now, this feature is finally making its way to the iOS app.

Users can now enable the smart downloads feature through the downloads section of the iOS app. Not only does it ease up storage management, but it also frees up the user from manually deleting the old episodes that they have watched and not worry about downloading the next episode themselves. What if you want to watch an episode several times? Just disable the feature from the downloads section of the app and the existing episodes will be kept.

The ability to download content from Netflix for offline viewing first became possible back in 2016. The feature made it much easier for subscribers to take their favourite shows with them even where they don’t have an internet connection. It’s certainly one of the most useful features of this service. Not all content has support for offline viewing, though, but the vast majority of content that’s available in Netflix’s massive library can be downloaded for viewing without an internet connection.

This feature should already be live, so, head over to the App Store to update the app and begin to enjoy this new feature.

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