Netflix To Roll Out Support For The New AV1 Video Codec In Its Android app


Media-Service provider, Netflix is rolling out the support for the new AV1 video codec in its Android app

According to the company, the support compresses 20 videos more efficiently than the VP9 codec (an open-source technology and is free from royalty fees) it currently uses.

The AV1 is important not because it consumes less data, it is because the royalty-free video coding format has the support of the major tech companies. One of the major players for the support is Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia), which was founded in 2015 by different tech companies such as Amazon, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Netflix and Apple who joined in 2018.

Even though Netflix has said it will use AV1 across its platform, it seems that the codec is still in its early stage. Restricting it to save data means it is no the best for picture quality. In a news report by Engadget, using the codec on YouTube playback generates a warning that  says, “Streaming AV1 in HD requires a powerful computer.”

This takes us to the question of how will AV1-encoded Netflix videos impact the battery life of users smartphones and how many Android users support the codec. Netflix did not give enough details about the codec. We are sure to give you an update on the device once we have enough information.

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