Netflix will start publishing viewership data soon


Netflix has always kept its viewership data as secrete, and while this may be a considered deceitful on the path of the company, it may be changing such policy any moment soon

Netflix always seems to get everything right, however, the streaming service may have failed to put some certain things into consideration, and some of this things may be considered as misleading on the path of the company. For instance, Netflix has gained a lot of reputation for being secrecy about its viewership data, although, good for the company, it may be considered as a way of misleading the crowd. Imagine thinking that a movie on the platform must have been viewed over a hudred time, where as, it has only been streamed 5o times, this can lead to a false hype in some cases, and false belittling in some other cases.

In a new update, the company is planning to change the policy, and according to Chief content officer, Ted Sarandos who spoke about the company’s new transparency initiative during an interview call with a reliable source- the company will start releasing “more specific and granular data and reporting” to different groups soon. Producers will receive those numbers first, followed by subscribers, then press. The goal is to be “more fully transparent about what people are watching on Netflix around the world,” according to Sarandos.

While this is undoubtly believable is that, even recently, Netflix has been releasing some of the viewership data for some of its contents, both original and borrowed. The company announced in December that more than 45 million accounts watched its horror movie ‘Bird Box within the first seven days of its release. A spokesperson for the company also informed  that an account must surpass “70 percent of the total running time (including credits)” to be counted as a view. The spokesperson added that “each ‘account’ may include multiple views and viewers, but is only counted once.” most likely per first view.

That been said, no word was mentioned on how the company will go about the viewership data analysis, neither words on what information to expect in the data to be released, however, one thing is certain, the company will be transparent with the process, and of course, you  can expect to see numbers in whatever data that is being shared.

This new move by Netflix is obviously a hard one for the company, but moving forward, it will be one of there best decision in the long run. Releasing a company-verified number will put a lot of third-party company under measure, stopping them  from guessing-game. Now, what is still not clear is if the streaming platform will be releasing viewership data for all its series and original films, or only a select few.

The new development will be rolling out alongside the ‘top 10’ feature which is currently undergoing test as well.


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