New Google Pixel 4 XL Render Returns The Old Full-Top Bezel


The upcoming Google Pixel 4 XL in the latest renders ditches the trending notch for the traditional full-top bezel

As much as it strikes a lot of contradiction from the ongoing trend, it is not so difficult to tell that Google may actually have lost interest in the new notch-type bezel. After all, it’s no man’s business, what a company does with its designs, except if it doesn’t meet up with its customers’ expectations.

Talking about expectations, it may, however, be relative, depending on the choice of the customers. For many people, keeping the notch screen may not really be a concern, while for some other people, it may be a big deal as a matter of fact. If you ask me, I would rather say the notches you probably have seen on the modern smartphones have rather steered a lot of controversies, especially as at the time of arrival, but for some reasons, it appears like one feature that has come to stay, at least for a long while.

The renders, which was leaked by a reliable leaker, Steve Hemmerstoffer (OnLeaks) and Pricebaba, show a top bezel that more closely resembles a what you’d find in a Samsung device than anything Apple has released lately.

Some outlets are calling the bezel a “forehead,” but that would imply that it’s a new design concept like the notch — in reality, as most of you likely already know, Prior to Apple’s notch revolution, top and bottom bezels of varying thicknesses were the norm across both iOS and Android devices.

For now, the question of whether or not users will like the return of the full-top bezel cannot be answered until the release of the device. At that, only time will tell whether or not these latest renders will prove accurate, but Google will probably answer that question for us sometime in the coming months; assuming a full Pixel 4 reveal kicks off this year.


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