New Pixel 4 Leak Hints At Face ID Accessibility Setup

The Pixel 4 already has the award for the most leaked unreleased device so far in the ongoing year 2019

With just a few weeks away from launch, the Pixel 4 is still subjected to several leaks from various sources, and so far, I would personally give the device the award of the most talked-about, and leaked unreleased device of the year. That been said, another leak about the Pixel 4 had just surfaced lately, and it points at a Face ID specification.

Image Source; Genk.Vn

As seen in the above image leaked by Genk, the Google Pixel 4 is seen requesting user to make use of the Face ID accessibility to carry out several activities. For instance, the set up on the leaked image reads that; “unlock you phone, sign in to apps, and confirm payments by glancing at your phone”.

Other than the image suggesting the setup format, Gent also publish a video clip suggesting what the Face ID setup will work,  as well as the adorable animation that accompanies the entire process.

Face Unlock GIF

The Face ID if compared to the Face unlock, are almost the same, however, there is a bit of deifference between the duo; what’s notable about how Google positions the feature (face unlock) is that it points out the drawbacks of the tech. Right at setup, the company is transparent about the fact that someone can point the front of your Pixel 4 at your face and unlock the device, as well as the fact that it’s possible to spoof the tech.

Google, portrays its own tech as the advance version of Face ID that is present on other devices that could be easily manupulated, although in the case of iOS, the company also offer a setup similar to that of Google Pixel 4XL face unlock, however, you have navigate to the accessibility settings in iOS to enable it.

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