New Power beat Pro will first launch in one color

If you have plans of owning one of the newest generations of Power beat pro, then you may only be offered a single color variant at the time of launch

Several rumors about the Power beat are still roaming around the internet, and while the device is set to launch sometime in May, we may have known every single detail about the device just before its arrival. Now, another rumor that was first sighted on 9to5Mac, a source that is familiar with the brand, suggest something else this time around- the source informs that the yet to launch device may only sell in one color variant at the initial time of sales.

9to5Mac reports that the Powerbeats Pro will only be available in the ‘black’ color when they officially go on sale sometime next month for $249.95 (or ₦90,089) in retail stores across several markets. Although, further confirmed that there are four more colors in stock, including Ivory, Moss, Navy, and black, which are expected to be available later in the year. As seen in the image below, all four Powerbeats Pro color options come with a black magnetic enclosure case for carrying and recharging each earphone. The case itself recharges with an included black Lightning cable. The color options only change the look of the earphones.

beats powerbeats pro charging case

Beats officially announced Powerbeats Pro totally wireless earphones earlier this month, detailing highlights like an all-new design, ‘Hey Siri’ support, up to 9 hours of battery between charges, and much more. Powerbeats Pro also features the same Apple H1 chip as second-generation Airpods.

Powerbeats Pro is expected to hit stores across 20 countries at the time of launch, followed by additional countries later this summer and fall. Although a bit more expensive than the Airpod, the beat pro is expected to be a better wearable than any of its rivals, and for a cost as high as that, it should better be.



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Covenant Oyetade
Covenant Oyetade
1 year ago

₦90,000?!😲 😲 😲 Damn! If lost this, I won’t forgive myself, whalai!