New Products to Try Post COVID-19

For those who are bored with their old products want to try out a new one, you can go through this

Many gadgets manufacturers are already surprising its users with its wonderful and fascinating new products. So if you are looking for the best gadgets, just go through these two.

Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 3 - GPS 42mm Smartwatch - Buy Now

Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatch is now sold for $179 (₦69,810) on Best Buy. Surprised right, but this is not the lowest price. The product is notable because it has been scarce generally in stock since Black Friday. The retailers, however, have few colors to choose from.

GameStop Black Friday 2019 best deals, ad, and store hours ...

For those who are tired of their old games, and want to get a new one without paying a lot, then you can try GameStop. GameStop is hosting a one-day sale where you can get 50% off when you buy five second-hand games for $19.99 (₦7,796) and below.

The percentage you save increases when you add more games to your cart. For instance, two games, you will get 20 percent savings, for three, you will get 30% off and so on).  This discount only works for the second games and you will see the discount take place in your cart.

No one will ever get some of the newest games for an amount as less as $20, but you can revisit the games you might have missed a few years backs. Games like Persona 5, Far Cry 5, Mortal Kombat 11, God of War, and many more can help you save a lot of money. If you recently added console to your lists of gadgets, this is, however, a good opportunity to include the exclusives.

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