New Samsung teaser confirms February 20th foldable phone launch


For those of us who follow daily tech news, it is no longer news that Samsung will be unveiling the Galaxy S10 on February 20. The company is not making an announcement at MWC in Barcelona this year. It has opted to host a separate event in San Francisco instead. Earlier reports have suggested that the much-awaited foldable phone may also be announced on that day and a new teaser from Samsung seems to suggest the same. Samsung has been working on its foldable smartphone for a while now and we are anxiously waiting to see how it looks.

Now, Samsung has posted a new teaser on its official Twitter account which says that “the future of mobile will unfold on February 20, 2019.” That’s pretty self-explanatory. The short clip also drops subtle hints about the foldable nature of this device.

This will no doubt gets its fans more excited for the upcoming event which is shaping up to be one of Samsung’s biggest. It’s going to have three separate Galaxy S10 models in addition to a separate one that has 5G support. There’s no saying yet when the foldable phone will actually be available for purchase but it’s possible that Samsung may only show it off on Feb. 20 and might not provide any pricing and availability details until later in the year.

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