Next-gen iMacs could track and monitor your health


At the moment the Apple Watch is the only device from Apple that can track your health, such as your heart rate. However, in recent times, there have been several rumours that Apple could also be bringing similar features to future iterations of the AirPods, but now it seems that Apple is interested in bringing health tracking features to iMacs as well.

This is according to a recently discovered patent where it shows that Apple is exploring the idea of building health monitoring features into its Mac computers. The patent is for a “portable electronic device having a biosensor” where it suggests that Apple could build health monitoring tools into its computers. However, the big question still remains how exactly this tracker will work. Will Apple embed sensors into the keyboard or the trackpad? Or will Apple build it into the Touch ID portion of its MacBook computers?

It is actually a rather interesting concept where based on the readings taken by the monitor, it could encourage users to get up and walk. Such a feature is already built into the Apple Watch so we don’t see why it cannot find its way into other devices as well. That being said, it is only a patent with no indication that it could be made a reality, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

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