Next-gen iPhones could launch camera app when you pick it up


Just like most smartphones produced these days, the iPhone has a camera shortcut which users can access even when their phone is locked. However, it the phone’s display be turned on to use. This isn’t a big deal but in photo-worthy moments, this added “delay” could make you miss those moments.

This might be an exaggeration but doesn’t it sound cool? Well, that’s what Apple seems to be exploring in a patent that was recently discovered. This patent describes how an iPhone could launch the camera app automatically when the phone is picked up and held in a way that suggests that you might want to take a photo or video.

The patent description reads in part,

Apparatus and method for automatically activating a camera application based on detecting an intent to capture a photograph or a video.

As to what these positions will be remains unknown since sometimes photos are taken in portrait orientation, while sometimes it is taken in landscape orientation.

That being said, we imagine that this could get annoying as sometimes you don’t want to take a photo but the camera app launches anyway, but the good news is that since this is a patent, it’s not a guarantee that it could make it into future iPhones or iOS builds.

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