Nigeria and UK to Renews Broadband Plan

One year after the expiration of the previous plan, Nigeria and the United Kingdom are collaborating on a new six-year broadband plan

The information which was reported by revealed that Nigeria through the Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy in a recent development has officially signed a Letter of Intent with the British government to develop a six-year National Broadband Development Plan following the expiration of the previous plan in 2018.

According to the report, the letter of intent was signed at the headquarters of the Nigerian ministry with the Prosperity Fund’s Digital Access Programme under the UK Department for International Development.

Speaking on the new broadband plan, Idongesit Udoh, head of the UK government’s Digital Access Programme said that; “The new broadband plan is expected to raise the broadband penetration level in Nigeria [from what it was] to between 65% to 66% over the next six years.”

While the plan is expected to favor Nigeria the most, it will ensure the union of technical expertise as well as other stakeholders who will help in the development of a more robust broadband plan for the Nigeria Economy.

Certainly, the UK has little to gain with respect to finances and infrastructure, considering that it is part of the country’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Speaking on ‘why Nigeria?’, the country’s Deputy High Commissioner, Harriet Thompson told that; “This project contributes to the UK government’s Prosperity Fund objective of promoting inclusive, affordable, accessible, safe, and secure Internet access for the socio-economic development of underserved communities in Nigeria.”

While it is hard to tell why the broadband plan took too long to be drafted by the Nigeria Government, ‘the UK representatives hope that this partnership will provide national leadership and strategic sectoral direction for Nigeria’.

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