Nigeria-based ISP, Tizeti Launches 4G LTE Network

Lagos-based Internet Service Provider (ISP), Tizeti is finally launching its own 4G LTE network to join the several others that are already equipped with the fast network

The internet provider is popular for making use of solar energy in running its services, and while it offers only 3G previously– the Y-Combinator backed startup is now rolling out the fastest network yet in Nigeria.

The latest development, however, is coming months after the starter company expanded its reach beyond the shores of Lagos- its primary location in Nigeria. Now, Tizeti now boasts of a presence in Ghana and plans to take its model even further to additional West African countries in 2020, according to CEO and co-founder Kendall Ananyi.

While speaking to a reliable source- Techcrunch, Kendall told that; “We leverage inexpensive wireless capacity and the plummeting cost of solar panels to create a low Capex and Opex network of owned and operated towers,”.

“We’re able to offer customers unlimited internet at 30 to 50% the cost of traditional mobile data plans,” he added.

That been said, Tizeti has one of the best subscriptions, although that may change any moment soon, considering the adoption of the 4G LTE. Currently, the price for a Tizeti unlimited plan is 9,500 Nigerian Naira per month, or around $26. While the price is fear enough for a 3G network, there is a possibility that it might double pretty soon.

The startup has 1.1 million unique users and packages internet services drawing on partnerships with West African broadband provider MainOne and Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi. 

Also, Kendall acknowledges the fact that it is located in a heavily saturated-environment, where you just have to offer the best services if at all you want a reasonable share of the internet market.  “Not everyone’s gonna sign up but we know we have 20 million in Lagos and 1.8 million in Port Harcourt; so even if we get 10%, that it’s a huge number for us,” he said.

Lagos has remained a major target for many of the ISP, considering that it homes a lot of startups which often requires a reliable internet source, and given that the opportunity is vast enough, all ISPs have only endeavored to strengthen their services.

Meanwhile, Tizeti, back in 2018 was able to raise $3 million in a series A round which have helped in the building of a suite of internet-driven products to capture more market share. Other than ISP services, it launched a Skype-like personal and business enterprise communications service —— in April 2019. Now, a 4G LTE. Hopefully, Tizeti will continue to grow in this manner until it is able to shift the connectivity equation in Africa’s key tech hubs, such as Nigeria.

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