Nigeria energy market prepares to welcome TESLA


2019 is the year of breaking through impossibilities in the tech space, and TESLA’s readiness to hit Nigeria is one of the biggest yet

So, in the nearest future, ‘a Nigerian, in Nigeria can ride a Tesla on a Nigeria road’- that’s how I can describe the news that is about to go viral.

Talking about luxury in terms of ‘automobile’; Nigeria is one of the many countries you can always count on if you are finding amazing cars. However, It has come to notice for a couple of years now, that despite the hike in the number of the luxurious cars, we are yet to come across a sight of a Tesla autonomous electric car. Yes! probably because the country lacks the basic facility to utilize such type of car, whose functionality relies massively on electricity. While that’s not the bone of contention which is; Tesla is coming to Nigeria to help boost the energy market.

According to Flux Technology, Tesla incursion into the Nigeria energy market seems well-informed. Consumer groups in Nigeria have raised concerns over the state of power distribution companies (DisCos). DisCos have been accused of estimated billing, exploitation, and unsustainable tariffs after five years of power sector privatization from Nigeria government. Many industries and household consumers are complaining about the services provided to them by DisCos, and it is believed that TESLA batteries could be a solution to this.

TESLA, a United States electric carmaker and clean-energy company will introduce batteries that can power homes and businesses in Nigeria. This would allow consumers’ in remote areas not on a power grid access to energy and a more stabilized energy source.

This is one of the best news for Nigeria so far since the beginning of this year, and hopefully, it will be achievable.

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