Nigeria Girls To Compete In The Final Round Of 2019 Technovation Challenge


Competing at the world’s largest tech entrepreneurship program couldn’t have been an easy pass for the Nigerian girls who have now made it to the final round at the 2019 Technovation Challenge(thetransverse)

Of course, it takes more than luck to compete at the Technovation Challenge, and this year’s competition themed ‘the transverse’ is not below expectation either, considering that it was attended by the best set of competitors from around the globe, and as fate would have it, a group of five Nigerian teenage girls is fortunate enough to participate in the ongoing challenge.

Nigerian ‘Brain Squad’ girls - Ayomikun Ariyo, Ivana Mordi, Jadesola Kassim, Munachiso Chigbo and Pandora Onyedire (technext)
‘Brain Squad’ from Nigeria at the 2019 Technovation Challenge

Known as the ‘Brain Squad’, the group of kids has not only scaled through several rounds at the ongoing challenge at the World Pitch of the world’s largest tech entrepreneurship program in Silicon Valley, but they have also made it to the final round of the challenge where they will be competing with other groups in their fellow junior division.

Some of the groups they will be competing with includes teams ‘Robot Unicorns’ from Canada, ‘Young Inventor’ from the United States among other teams. Also, while they will be competing for Technovation People’s Choice Awards for girls in the Junior division, if their project happens to be worthy enough, then it may be awarded the overall best presentation alongside the senior division by the end of the challenge.

Talking about the senior category, Six groups have also made it to the final rounds, and they include team ‘CoCo’ from Kazakhstan; ‘D3c0ders’ from Albania; ‘LPSN’ from  Spain; ‘Powerful Daisies’ from Brazil; ‘Team Uproot’ from the United States; and India’s ‘Tech Witches’.

Seeing the list of countries that are currently in the final round for both Junior and senior division; it is quite easy to tell that moving forward in the competition will not be any easy than from what it was from the start, however, we can only wish the Nigerian girls all the luck that is required to win the challenge, although reaching there current position is worth celebrating, hence, whatever happens at this final round is as commendable as being the best.

Namely, Ayomikun Ariyo, Ivana Mordi, Jadesola Kassim, Munachiso Chigbo and Pandora Onyedire; the five girls ages range from 10 and 11 years of age, and apart from being in the same group, all five girls also attend the same school in common- Standard Bearers School in Lagos, Nigeria.

Furthermore, attending this Technovation is not only for competition sake, but having been inspired by a recent building collapse (school) that took away many pupils life, the Brain squad had taken their time to develop an app that will make it easy for people to make donations to help the needy pay for school fees, food, shoes, books, stationery, medication and more.

While been interrogated, they told that “On 16th of March 2019, the tragic news of a building which had a primary school within at Itafaji Lagos collapsed. Many children died and others were injured. The community was thrown into morning and the surviving children can’t understand why friends and relatives had to die. They need hope.”

At that, attending the 2019 ‘the transverse’ will help them achieve their goal- for the app to be an avenue for donors to help those in need and help more children access education. Otherwise, the platform will also help promote their creativity, as well as offer them scholarships and other benefits, assuming they are able to come out first in the long run.


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