Nigeria Government Receives $210M Funding Aimed at Power Project

Earlier this year, the Nigerian Federal Government, applied for a project on behalf of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN). The project, which was called the“  Nigerian Transmission Expansion Project”(NTEP 1) is based on providing electricity to states in the North-western, South-eastern and South-southern regions of Nigeria.

According to reports from various sources, the project which was applied for in May, this year, has finally been approved by the board of the African Development Bank in Abidjan.

TCN General Manager Ndidi Mbah said that; “The advert for the pre-qualification of contractors had been carried out under advance procurement and evaluation of submission from consultants that submitted “Expression of interest“ for the procurement of consultancy for the project is on-going.

“Adopting the use of advance procurement in the execution of its projects, which has given TCN lead time, reducing procurement period by 6 months”.

“The execution of the projects under NTEP-1 would soon commence as the procurement processes for the project is about 70% completed”.  He also added that “though the project has just been approved by the AfDB board, the company has already concluded environmental studies including resettlement action plan in which people that would be affected by the acquisition of the Right of Way (RoW) for the proposed transmission have been identified.”

This would mean that people living in concerned states can be sure to see TCN in action soon, with the assurance of their best interest at the commission’s heart. In addition to this, the TCN promised to solve issues regarding transmission lines and substations requirements in the three regions selected by AfDB.

Below are the remaining statement by TCN General Manager Ndidi Mbah;

In the North West, the projects that would be executed include the construction of 212KM Double Circuit 330kV Quad conductor (Kaduna to Kano); installation of 2x150MVA and 2x60MVA transformers and bay extensions in Zara.

“Installation of 2x150MVA and 2x60MVA transformers with associated bay feeders and bay extensions in Kaduna Millennium city; installation of 2x60MVA transformers and outgoing feeders in Rigasa Kaduna; and the installation of 2x60MVA transformers and outgoing feeders in jaji, Kaduna.

“The substations would all have turned in and turn out transmission lines. In the South-South and South-East, NTEP-1 would reconstruct the 107KM double circuit Delta-Benin transmission lines into a 330kV quad line; reconstruct the 138KM Alaoji- Ihiala – Onitsha Single Circuit line into 330kV Double Circuit Quad line,” Mbah stated.


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