Nigeria Plans to Unveil First Indigenous Mobile Phone in March

    Although ‘Made in Nigeria’, a lot of people tend to ignore locally made products and rather go for those that are ‘shipped’ in from other countries, usually out of Africa, as they are deemed more original

    With such a notion instilled in many Nigeria, one would wonder if an indigenous mobile phone will be able to stand the test of time. According to a reliable source, Nigeria is currently planning to unveil its first-ever indigenous mobile phone sometimes in March this year.

    The announcement was reportedly made by the president of the High Tech Center for Women and Youth, Dr. Wunmi Hassan. According to her, the unveiling will take place during the Nigeria STEM summit and Train-the-Trainers workshop which is scheduled to hold between the 24th to 26th of March.

    From her statement, it appears that the devices are in good shape and are ready for distribution, hopefully, it turns out to be an average Nigerian favorite. Also, the statement didn’t categorically explain whether the device will be a feature phone or a smartphone.

    If the story ends up to be a genuine one, then Nigeria will become the second Africa Country after Rwanda to build indigenous mobile phones. Not just that, Nigeria will also have a bragging right to such an innovative attempt just like it does in the automobile sector with the like of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co.Ltd. (IVM).

    While many are already excited about the possibility of having an indigenous mobile phone, whether the device will make a good debut and sales in the local market is still uncertain, considering that a lot of Nigerians tend to stigmatize local products as inferior.

    That been said, members of the Nigeria National Assembly (NASS) are not helping the matter at all; just a few weeks ago, reports of Senators rebuking the locally assembled IVM cars spread across the internet, suggesting that even the top dogs barely care about the local product. If that is the case, what is the guarantee that Nigerians will be interested in a locally made (assembled) mobile phone? Probably if it is cheap enough.


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