Nigeria – the start-up village a 2019 promise on paper


The Presidential debate is on going and it is looking all fired up although President Muhammad Buhari of the APC and PDP Presidential candidate Atiku have failed to make it to floor of the debate.

Well, this might just be one of the folds in the realms of their attire to tell Nigerians these men have no time to speak English to Nigerians about their blueprint for the next 4 years in Aso Rock as the deciding factor of the Nigerian nation-state.

So, far the debate is looking all cheesy and interesting much has been said about empowerment and farming now, a breather is coming in for 55% nation’s deciding factor in the 2019 elections (the Nigerian Youths) the ones who have been tagged as lazy, because ventures to generate legit funds have had a paradigm shift from what it used to be 20 to 30 years ago in this same nation .

The internet has played a lot of functional roles in the rise of modern commercial and non-conformist praticises.

Here is an interesting answer,  that led to this article, Moghalu the Presidential aspirant of YPP made a very intresting comment that looks good on paper.

His focus, on broader bands and the development of a Start-up nation is one of the most interesting that I have heard from a Presidential aspirant from this nation, most especially his intent to make sure there is a decentralization of these start-ups across the  nation’s hinterlands thereby building a concentration of a tech market in the country in all locations using the venture funds, which he explained will be more private driven than government driven as this will count and account for its productivity and sustainability.

For me, this looks like a good idea on paper, but will this not be one of those prospective goals that will never fruitate because of the bias of the Nigerian electorate.

Truth be told Nigeria is totally not ready for the rise of AI and other tech tides hitting other economies around the world. We need a President who unders the relevance of funds generation using tech, Macron is doing a whole lot for Paris at the moment getting tech investors like Facebook and Google.

At the moment, the richest people in the world are tech-ceo we can get funds and investments by paying a little more attention than we have never paid before.

Kudos to Moghalu, amazing idea for the development of the tech space in Nigeria.


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