Reach robots’ CEO: Adekunle Silas is the highest paid engineer in the world


Adekunle Silas is a Nigerian Robotic engineer who is recognized for being the first to create a gaming robot

The Nigerian robotic guru has officially bag the highest paid engineer in his field of study (Robotic engineering) as found in a recent analysis. The 27 year old Nigeria who resides in the UK, is a co-founder at Reach robots, a startup that is driven by a zeal to change the tech world, especially in the field of robotics. the young engineer has a Bachelor degree in Arts/Science, in the University of the West of Englad.

Adekunle was also a team leader of Robotics In Schools programme, a programme which encourages and pays attention to students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Prior to the program, he was encourage to develop robotics to make education more entertaining for STEM students. With the same motivation In 2017, he released the world’s first gaming robot, with the special ability to customise the gaming bot to perform personalised functions.

With his amazing gaming robot, he has been able to receives aids from foreign investors which include a sum of $10 million from  London Venture Partners in the same year. His company, Reach Robotics also signed a deal with Apple, securing exclusive sales in Apple stores. “Impressed by the quality of his robots and their ability to show emotion with subtly-calibrated movements, Apple priced his four-legged “battle-bots” at $300 and has put them in nearly all of its stores in the United States and Britain.“Early customers skew towards male techies but a growing number of parents are buying the robots for their children to get them interested in STEM, Adekunle told Forbes in an interview this year.

The 27 years old who belive so much in balance shared idea, time management and being oneself was enlisted among the “30 under 30-Europe technology of 2018”. The team wishes the young Nigerian UK based a successful career.

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