Nigerian Startup, Beat Drone, to Spray Disinfectant Against COVID-19

From the moment the reports of the outbreak reached the rest of the world to its spread across the globe, governments, companies and even individuals have worked tirelessly to help fight Coronavirus and provide services and care to those quarantined or practicing social distancing

Countries and healthcare systems, through MedTech companies, have adopted drones to better fight the virus in a number of ways. And now, a state in Nigeria has made plans to do the same. The government of Ondo state has partnered with Beat Drone to help in the fight against COVID-19 by supplying drones that will help disinfect the state faster and more competently than the manual method of spraying that other states have employed.

Beat Drone is a Nigerian startup company that uses drones to ensure that Business and Government operations are carried out efficiently at affordable costs. Tops in their operations is their use of drones to spray agriculture lands.

Talking about the partnership, Beat Drone president, Odionye Confidence, said;

“Our experience in spraying farmlands all over Nigeria is coming into play here; we have recorded over 20,000 hours cumulatively spraying farmlands. We knew that we were the most experienced to engage the Nigerian government,”

The partnership involves the state assisting the company in setting up a drone factory in Akure, Ondo State. This will enable the startup to produce over 3,000 drones to aid in disinfecting all 36 states.

“Post-COVID-19, these drones will be used in eliminating mosquitoes, which account for malaria that kills over 300,000 people annually. The government will also utilise the drones on the farmlands to aid increase in harvest yields and reduce cost for farmers,” said Confidence.

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