Nigeria’s First Contact Tracing App Built By Apps-pot LLC

Nigeria, Warri-based company, Apps-pot LLC has built the first contact tracing app in Nigeria as its own response to the fight against COVID-19 pandemic

The locally built software comprises of very helpful features such as Contact tracing, Symptoms Checking, and Geofencing that will help the Nigerian government fight against the pandemic. The app lets users get notified when they walk into areas with confirmed cases.

The app displays the number of affected people in a location, it also as a symptom checker to let you know if you have COVID-19. If the tests eventually come out positive, the app has a feature that calculates the distance between your current location and a test center or isolation center.

For those who might want to reach or talk to NCDC, the numbers are available on the app. Speaking on the new feature, the CEO of Apps-pot LLC, Mavino Michael said, “this is the first blue-tooth contact tracing mobile app in Africa and second in the world, after the first which was launched in Singapore on March 20th”.

Giving further details, Michael said the mobile app is using a technology called Bluetooth Low Energy (B.L.E) that will help in scanning for other users of the app who enabled contact tracing on it. Note that the phone has to be on for the scanning to work.

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The moment you are two meters close to anyone, the app will automatically record it as close contact and generate an ID of those you have come in contact with, although it is not yet clear whether those who don’t make use of the app or present on any database whatsoever will also be detected.

If anyone out of the people you have met has COVID-19, you will be notified. The app also stores everyone you have come in contact with within your history page. For those interested, you can download the app here.

In other news, Apple’s COVID-19 contact tracing app co-developed by Google has been released to the public as part of iOS 13.5. The update enables easier Face ID unlocking for users wearing a mask and also has minor twists for FaceTime Croup calls, Emergency services, and bug fixes.

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