No Sony PlayStation 5 until 2020

No Sony PlayStation 5 until 2020

While companies like Sony and Microsoft has promised to deliver support for current-gen consoles for many years, what we’ve seen is that usually halfway through the lifecycle of a current console, a newer model will be introduced. While support is still offered on the preceding model, it is not always surprising to see more attention shifted away from the previous model to the latest model.

Without no doubt, this is always a constant headache that gamers have to deal with when purchasing a console late in its lifecycle. However, the good news is that if you still have not gotten your hands on Sony’s PS4, it seems that you’ll still have a few years left before the PS5 is announced. This is according to a recent report that suggests that the PS5 will be launching in 2020 at the earliest. This news seems to nullify the recent rumours that suggested that a PS5 could be announced as early as 2018. Although this isn’t the first time such news has been heard, the recent report claims that neither stipulated dates were likely dates.

Sony hasn’t actually said a thing about a new console – yet. The PS4 continues not only to be the current best-selling console on the market, but one of the best sellers in history, so it makes sense not to announce a successor yet. So whether it’s next year, the year after or the year after that, the PS5 will certainly become a reality at some point and especially with the launch of the PS4 Pro, gamers can be rest assured that their consoles won’t be rendered obsolete anytime soon.

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