OnePlus TV To Come With A Bluetooth Remote Control

Last year, OnePlus confirmed that they were working on a smart TV. Not much is known about the TV, but according to a new report, it claims that the upcoming OnePlus smart TV is expected to come with its own Bluetooth remote controller.

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise that the OnePlus TV will come with a remote controller, but the fact that it has Bluetooth compatibility is interesting as we imagine that it could have other uses besides using it with the TV. Maybe its Bluetooth connectivity could also be used to connect to other devices, like our phones, tablets, or even our computers.

In terms of the actual TV, if you were hoping for an OLED TV you might be disappointed. Reports had previously hinted that the device could use LCD instead of OLED, but the upside to that is that it could be potentially cheaper. OnePlus is known for creating relatively affordable smartphones, so hopefully, that practice will extend to its TV as well.

There is still no set date on when the OnePlus smart TV will make its debut, but we have heard that it could be soon, so check back with us at a later date for more updates.

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