OnePlus will not consider foldable phones yet but smart TV


OnePlus seems to be less bothered about Foldable smartphone just yet, showing more concern for smart TV instead

OnePlus is considering TV production as a top priority, placing it right above the foldable phones which has remained a trend lately for several mobile brands. However, this does not necessarily implies that the company has no plan for a foldable device. What it mean for the company is that it may rather take a while to sight an OnePlus-branded foldable device, and it might not be this year.

The information was confirmed by the company CEO, Pete Lau who was present in Milan to speak with students at the European Institute of Design where he shared his thoughts on the future.

“Foldable phones are not ready for prime time and not just because of the price.” Lau says, adding that they don’t do anything fundamentally different from current phones. Folding screens do have potential, but not in phones, not yet.

Instead the company wants to expand to other fields – OnePlus is working onbuilding a TV or a “smart display” as Lau calls it. He sees remote controls as outdated, instead saying that AI can learn your habits and have relevant information ready for you. Sounds like Google Now for TVs.

In addition, OnePlus also wants to go into the automotive business, working on electronics (building a whole car is too complex). Lau hinted at the possibilities enabled by 5G, for example enhancing a virtual assistant.

Similarly, the company will build products for the office, something for the cloud-connected era, again combined with advancements in 5G and AI.

The TV project is the one furthest ahead in development, but it’s still too early to tell when it will launch, but with so much energy channeled in that direction, it shouldn’t take forever.

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